Professional Transfer Services for Your Tour to Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city and a great business as well as recreation hub is a favorite tourist spot. It is being voted as being the world’s most liveable city. Are you planning to visit Melbourne for your next vacations? If yes, then don’t miss to pay a visit to the vivid places. The city has lot to offer to every age group.

Let’s peek in some of the worth seeing sights that you might be unaware of.

  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
  • Royal Exhibition Building
  • Shrine of Remembrance
  • Healesville Sanctuary

Touring around a new city is tough especially if you are newbie. You have to confront direction issues, language differences, and navigation hassles. So, it is always required to have a professional transfer service at your disposal so that you get aid during your entire tour. Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons of availing transfer services.

Guided chauffeur assistance

Professional transfer services offer chauffeur assistance that comfortably get around you to new places in a hassle free manner. He will handle driving, traffic, and parking issues allowing you to enjoy your ride in ultimate manner. He acts as a perfect guide thus showing you places around so that you can cherish the breathtaking views while on the ride.

Safety at its best

While traveling in such vehicles, you can be assured of your safety.  The vehicles come equipped with enhanced safety features including GPS technology, satellite navigation, and other state of art facilities. The chauffeur behind the wheels remains at your disposal throughout the ride thus serving as an added advantage.

When the need of expediency arises, you can count on professional transfer services. With no worries to deal with jam packed roads, you can settle back at plush leather seats and add a dash of convenience in your trip.

We, at Corporate Chauffeur offer customized transfer services to suit your needs and requirements. You can book our elegant vehicles and ride together in a sophisticated manner. For your bookings, just give us a call on 0411-811-516. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptionalism accompanied with affordability. For any query, you can email us at . Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Corporate transfers: Leave a long lasting impression on your business associates

Limousine is one such vehicle which has gained immense popularity in the market place for providing classy and sophisticated rides around the town. It proves to be the finest mode of transportation for business transfers because the kind of facilities it offers are matchless and just another level. Below mentioned are points which state how hiring this vehicle for your business transfers will turn out to be the best decision of your life:

Experience how it feels to be in limelight:

Turning out like a VIP in itself is a great thing to imagine but feeling the same in reality is special and extraordinary.  Limo service has the capability to make you feel unique. The facilities it offers are plush and luxurious enough to help you experience what limelight actually feels like. This is one great reason to hire this vehicle for your business transfers. Rolling up like a VIP helps you in leaving an indelible impact on your associates who are waiting for your arrival at the venue.

Limousine is lustrous and attractive in appearance:

Another reason to hire this vehicle is because of its appearance. In fact, not just the appearance but also the plush interior it owns. The leather upholstery, surround sound system, lighting system and on board bar with a complimentary ice chest make your special ride even more special. Coming on to the outer appearance, it is so attractive that all the onlookers who get to see its first sight start dreaming of their ride in the same.

Comfortable and expedient group transfers:

Many a times, people prefer commuting together during business transfers because it helps them in interacting well before the event begins and also gives them ample time to discuss about the deal. Since limo is divided into two compartments where one is for the chauffeur and the other for the passengers, clients get enough privacy to talk about their confidential stuff without getting disturbed.

Want to get hooked up with the best limo service for your extravagant corporate transfers? Get in touch with us at Corporate Chauffeurs to experience the best ride of your life. To make a reservation or to know more our services give us a call at 0411-811-516. Our team is ready to help you anytime around the clock. Wish to hear from you soon.

Airport Transfer Service for Your Hassle-Free Ride

Riding in private transfer services is a luxurious experience. It offers you ultimate comfort that no other ride can provide. If visiting Melbourne shortly, consider hiring airport transfer services for your smooth transfers to and from the airport.

Save you from hassles

Traveling by air for long hours can be an exhausting experience for most of the travelers. After being jet jagged if one has to stand in long queues and wait for a taxi or cab to come, this can add fuel to the fire. Thus, here arises the need to avail airport transfer services. It will save you from unnecessary hassles.

A premier ride to travel in 

Riding in such luxury ride is a matter of great pride and sophistication. You can ride to and from the airport in a convenient manner. The interior comes equipped with premier amenities to evade all your fatigue and lend you a relaxing experience. You can have an access to plush leather seats, entertainment units, sound system, chilled beverages, and snacks served on the way.

Skilled chauffeur behind the wheels

You will be driven by trained and highly skilled chauffeur. Being well aware of the city routes, they take you to your destination in a timely manner. With no worries of traffic and parking, you can rest back or indulge in unlimited talks with your group mates. You every need will be taken care off by them.

Comforting ride for business tours

If you are heading towards an important meeting, the professional ride at your disposal would mark a positive impression upon the onlookers. Your business associates traveling with you will be at immense peace. You can carry out your business discussions, rehearse presentation, make important phone calls or remain in touch with your staff online through Wi-Fi connectivity.

For reliable airport private transfer service in Melbourne, get in touch with Corporate Chauffeurs. Wee upload a high standard by offering you elegant fleet of vehicles. We even offer customized services tailored as per your needs and budget. For your bookings, give us a call on 0411 811 516 or email your queries at . We will serve you in the best possible manner.

Spice up your event transfers with limo hire service

To make a special event extra special, you need to make the finest arrangements. For this, one needs to prepare each and everything efficiently. These preparations include point to point scheduling, from selecting a suitable venue to booking vehicles from a reliable transportation company. The main problem arises when one is not able to find a trustworthy service to transfer all the guests from one place to another. However, limousine is just ideal for this purpose. Since, it offers a perfect blend of comfort, expedience and luxury; it has become the most preferable vehicle amongst the masses.

Hiring a limousine service for your event transfers will bring to you infinite benefits. Below mentioned are some of them. Have a look:

Exclusive fleet of vehicles:

The first thing that comes to your mind when planning an event is to find the right transportation service so that each and every person who is invited gets to reach the venue comfortably. In a time like today finding a vehicle of your choice with a feature to transfer clients promptly is hard to find. However, limo service solves the problem. It offers you a diverse range of vehicles so that you can choose one according to your purpose, need and budget.

Plush on board facilities:

The main idea behind hiring a limousine for your events is the leisurely amenities it offers to each and every passenger on board. This vehicle does not let your celebration come to an end till the time you step off. For corporate events, it is the best if your vision is to impress your colleagues.

Professional chauffeur at your service:

The most excellent feature that you receive by hiring a limousine service is the well trained and professional chauffeur that comes along with your vehicle. These drivers are fluent and nicely uniformed with the correct attire in order to keep up with their client’s standards. The best part about them is that they are friendly and courteous. This quality of them makes you avail a limo service time and again.

Looking for a classy limo service for your sophisticated event transfers? Get in touch with us at Corporate Chauffeurs to experience the most happening ride of your life. To reserve a ride with us, drop a call at 0411-811-516.  Wish to hear from you soon.

Choosing the Best Limousine Transfer Services in Melbourne

The presence of limousine in an occasion brings a feeling of prestige and luxury. It can make your ordinary event an extra-ordinary. No matter you are heading towards a corporate tour or a leisure trip, your travel journey will be memorable. However, before hiring this posh mode of transportation, you need to consider some of the important factors. Let’s have a look.


Before selecting any provider, you need to check its reputation and ensure that they experienced enough. They need to keep their customers’ interest as their top interest priority. Reliability can be checked by looking at chauffeur’s qualification and driving skills.

Type of limo vehicles

A good provider offers variety of limo vehicles to choose from. The wide range caters to every type of your eve. Depending upon your travel requirements, type of your occasion, group size, and budget; you can choose the desired model. The black stretch limo and town car is largely preferred for business tours, whereas white car is a perfect fit for weddings.

Chauffeur services

Chauffeur is the main personnel behind the wheels, so while selecting the limo provider, you need to ensure that that chauffeur it offers is highly trained and a professional individual. The maximum success of your journey is in the hands of chauffeur. Handling the driving and navigation issues, they lend you a stress-free ride so that you can have memorable time with your group mates.


Different limo providers charge different prices for their services. The rental rates depend upon the duration for which limo is hired, type of services offered, and the amenities equipped inside the vehicles. You can get the tailor made packages as per your requirements and budget at disposal.

No ride can stand in comparison to the convenience offered by limo vehicles. Engage yourself in a thorough research and find out the best provider. This can be online as well as offline research.

For exceptional limo services in Melbourne, get in touch with Corporate Chauffeurs. We uphold a high standard in offering exceptional and seamless experience to our clients.  If any event is on the charts, give us a call on 0411-811-516 for your bookings. For any type of queries, drop us a mail at . We would be looking forward to hear from you soon.

Wedding transfer: An exceptional limo ride for your big occasion

For wedding ceremony, one anticipates a celebration full of lavishness and grandeur. But this can only be possible when everything is perfectly arranged including the transportation service. One usually leaves the travelling arrangements for the last moment, which creates a lot of mess. A top notch limo service commits prompt and comfortable group transfers so that you do not have to worry about reaching the venue on time.

There are infinite reasons for hiring a limo service for your expedient transfers. Check out the below mentioned points to know how it is best suitable for wedding transfers:

Prompt service is a priority:

For events, one major facility that you want from your transportation service is the on-time pick-ups and drop offs. The feeling of contentment does not occur till the time you are not guaranteed timely transfers for yourself and your loves ones. This benefit can be reaped by hiring a limo service for your wedding transfer. Since it has a reputation for providing prompt rides, it is the most preferred vehicle for this purpose.

High end amenities:

Wedding is an auspicious occasion and for this day everybody wants to get hooked up with the best possible services. Even the ride that you want to hire should offer you the business class amenities. Limousine for this purpose turns out to be just ideal. The leather upholstery, LED lights, music system and an on board bar with a complimentary ice chest are the kind of facilities which make this vehicle the best of all.

Professional chauffeurs:

An expert chauffeur is the best part of the limo service. These are well dressed, fluent and skillful drivers who do not leave a stone unturned to serve you in the best possible manner. Not only this, but with them you are also ensured safe and secure rides which matter the most for your wedding transfers.

Looking for an ideal wedding transfer? Get in touch with us at Corporate Chauffeurs to avail the best limo hire services. We offer exclusive fleet of vehicles which are just right for your wedding transfers. To know more about our services give us a call at 0411-811-516. For further queries feel free to drop a mail at Wish to hear from you soon.

Luxury Ride for Your Corporate Transfers in Melbourne

Corporate transfers demand ultimate professionalism and perfection. You need to be your best. If any corporate tour to Melbourne is on the charts, settle no less than chauffeur driven luxury ride. The benefits it offers can’t be compared to any other mode of transportation. Let us know what makes it a preferred choice.


If you are traveling with your large business group, the luxury ride offers you spacious vehicles that come with a varied seating capacity. Depending upon your group size, you can choose the required variant. This ride offers immense comfort especially when you are on long distance travels. The adequate headroom and legroom will let you travel inside comfortably. With large luggage space, you can easily accommodate your luggage.

Turn the heads away

Traveling in a luxury ride adds a dash of professionalism and royalty to your personality. Landing at your event venue in such a posh vehicle will make you the cynosure of other eyes. This will put a good impression upon your clients giving them feel of your financial soundness. You will find respect that your clients tend to have for you.

Gives you a royal feel

Traveling in this sophisticated ride is like giving yourself an expensive treat. The inviting ambience inside will give you a royal feel. The amenities inside let you relax or discuss business matters with your peers in a good mood. You will realize that your journey is over too soon.

Professional chauffeur

The biggest perk of luxury ride is that you get services of chauffeur who remain at your disposal throughout the ride. Being a newbie in the city, you can confront lot of hassles in finding directions. With a professional, all your transportation worries come to a standstill. You just need to sit back without any worry of timely arrival. You can utilize that free time by rehearsing your business presentation or carrying out important works.

For corporate transfers in Melbourne, get in touch with Corporate Chauffeurs. We provide efficient and prompt services for your exclusive ride. As per your budget and requirements, you can select from our modern fleet of vehicles. For your bookings, you can call us at 0411 811 516 or email us at . We will get back to you shortly.

Hire a chauffeured driven limo service for smooth transfers in Australia

What comes to your mind when you think of hiring a transportation service to ride conveniently?  The important aspects that occupy your brain are safety, comfort and luxury. A limo service has an indelible impression in the market place for providing these three features in the most efficient manner. If you want to experience a smooth transfer then you must look forward to a chauffeured driven limousine service. It adds entertainment and grandeur to your ordinary ride.

Have a look at these benefits to know what you can obtain by hiring a chauffeured driven limo for your elegant transfers:


The biggest burden that arises when you plan to travel is of the transportation service you will need for your journey. Many a times the thought of standing in long queues to wait for a taxi makes you let go of your plan. For this reason, hiring a limo will turn out to be your ultimate decision. It gives you a stress free ride, away from traffic and regular hustle of the city.

Premium Amenities:

Riding high class in itself is a wow factor, adding extravagant facilities will make it heavenly. Hiring a limo for your journey is just another level. It has so much to offer, to keep you happy, content and entertained. No other transportation has the ability to make your ride a life-time experience. The chauffeur is the best part of this service, the kind of facilities he will offer you is matchless and beyond your anticipation. Thus, a limo hire will be just perfect if you are seeking uniqueness.


Punctuality is what you want the most from your transportation service. A company which cannot offer you timely transfers is good for nothing. With chauffeured limo hire service, prompt pick-ups and drop-offs are ensured. Therefore, if you ever need to ride a vehicle for your major and crucial events then book a limo and find it awaiting your arrival right on time.

Want to experience a blissful ride?  We at Corporate Chauffeurs offer the best services for your expedience and comfort. With us you will have the most happening ride of your life. To know more about us and our services, drop a mail at

Airport Limousine Service- An Affordable Luxury

Upon landing at the airport after a long and tiresome flight, a person always wants to reach to the destination as soon as possible. If comfort and luxury are your priorities, you must opt for limousine service. Hiring airport limousine is the easiest way to make smooth and hassle-free transfers.

Money savior

You can save large amount of money by pre-booking a limo ride well in advance. You can either book it online or through telephone. Some companies even provide you special discounts and concessions on your prior bookings. Thus, you can enjoy luxury of airport limos without causing a dent in your pocket.|

Luxurious experience

After air travel, no one wants to stand in long queues and wait for the taxis or cabs to come. Doing so, only adds to your frustration. With a limo ride at your disposal, you just have to step inside the vehicle and settle back at plush leather seats. The inviting ambience will let you evade all your fatigue. The interior comes equipped with high end amenities. Some of them include-

  • Mood lightning
  • Plasma screen, DVD player
  • Surround sound system
  • Ice chest bar
  • Wi-Fi units
  • GPS technology
  • Privacy partition
  • Tinted windows
  • State of art facilities


Chauffeur-a perfect guide and an assistance

Wouldn’t it be pleasant to have a chauffeur waiting for you in the baggage carousel area with a placard of your name? They would take your luggage and escort you till the vehicle in style. They will open the doors for you in an elegant manner. All this gives you no less than a royal treatment. Once you are comfortably settled inside, the professional chauffeur embarks the journey on a smooth note. During the ride, he takes care of driving issues, traffic hassles, and parking aspects.

If you are a frequent traveler and looking for an economical airport limo service, get in touch with Corporate Chauffeurs. We understand the key importance of timeliness and promptness, thus assures to deliver you unsurpassable services. You can select from our latest model of cars kept in most pristine condition. For your bookings, give us a call on 0411 811 516. You can even email us at . We will get back to your shortly.

Tips for selecting the right limo hire company

Choosing a perfect limo hire company can be a complex job. Since there are a multitude of limousine companies to choose from, finding the right one can be cumbersome. However, when it comes to riding with style and in full expediency, there is no other way than hiring a limo service.

Limousines are used for various occasions like wedding, airport, sporting and many other transfers. Knowing which limo hire service can suit you the most is tedious. Therefore, consider these points when selecting a limo hire company for your ideal ride.

Background check

It is important to perform a deep check on the company’s history and background before hiring its services. This is mandatory, to ensure that the company does not hold any accidental or criminal records. Also, this process helps in finding out the kind of reputation it owns in the marketplace. Since it is believed that the best services come from those with great fame, checking helps in deciding which one to go for.

Wide array of vehicles

Trust the fact, that the best companies always own an extensive fleet of vehicles. You must know your need to travel before looking for a service which can fulfill your requirement. Not all companies hold the kind of vehicles that can suit your purpose. Therefore always hire a service which will provide you a variety to choose from.

Legal documents

Always remember to check the license and insurance of the company. A good limo company tends to find happiness by serving you in the best possible manner. They will always let you have copies of their legal documentation. Since, these companies often have permissions to VIP places, you must check their certificates for safety purpose.

Price Structure

Price details are mentioned clearly on the sites of good limousine companies. Well if not on the website, they will offer you a proper list of their vehicles along with the rates. Usually, price varies from one company to another depending upon their service and quality. But not much will be different. The basic structure will always remain the same. Thus, before selecting a company, make sure that you compare its rates with the ones provided by another. It will save you from getting tricked.

Looking for a company with all the above mentioned benefits? We at Corporate chauffeurs welcome you. Our well trained chauffeurs and expert services will give you the most luxurious and safest ride of your life. For details about us and our fleet you can give us a call at 0411 811 516. For further queries drop a mail at